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We want ourselves alive


Documentary | Color | 4’58 “| 2007 | Canada

Directed by Cherilyn Papatie | Cinematography: Kevin Papatie and Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette | Sound: Roland Papatie | Original Music: Émile Proulx-Cloutier | Editing: Cherilyn Papatie, Cédric Corbeil and Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette.

Synopsis: The state allows a mother just a few precious hours with her kids at a trade show somewhere in Canada. These children can not live in their royal home. Carousel rides and bright faces belies the tears in silent and unobserved moments as the painful farewell draws closer. A personal view on the issue of ‘Stolen Generations’.


Fiction | Color | 16’18 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Camila Gregório | Production: Iago Cordeiro Ribeiro | Screenplay: Camila Gregório | Assistante Director: Maria Clara Arbex | Cinematography: Erick Lawrence | Editing: Camila Gregório | Sound: Bebeto Junior | Logger and Assistant: Augusto Daltro | Color Correction: Griot Movies / Tito Oliveira | Cast: Aíla Oliveira, Emanuele Macedo

Synopsis: Ticiane searches for relaxed moments while everything is boiling.


Fiction | Color | 15’20 “| 2017 |

Directed by Carla Villa-Lobos | Executive Production: Julia Araújo | Screenplay: Mila Teixeira | Cinematography: Paloma Palacio | Production Design: Mariana Zappa | Sound: Amanda Hecht | Editing: Luisa Triers | Color Correction: Laise Mendes | Sound Mixing: Manon Ribat | Cast: Adriana Dehoul, Aline Mendes, Bárbara Aires, Indira Nascimento, Ingrid Klug, Paula Malheiros, Roberta Bahia.

Synopsis: From the arrival of a newcomer, six women share their experiences, desires and fears in working with prostitution.


Documentary |Colo | 21 ‘| 2013 | Guatemala

Directed by Mayan Women KAQLA | Screenplay: Mayan Women KAQLA | Production: Flor de María Alvarez Medrano and Loida Cumez Sucuc | Cinematography: Loida Cumez Sucuc | Editing: Loida Cumez Sucuc and Flor de María Alvarez Medrano | Sound: Tomasa Elizabeth Atz Tomás and Loida Cumez Sucuc

Synopsis: Violence, with its different faces, is one of the threads with which the lives of the Maya women were woven. It marked the colors and the design of their lives; but the intensity of feminine energy (Ix, jaguar) gave them the strength and wisdom to continue living and erasing impressions. It is necessary to eliminate violence as one of the historical plots of these women’s lives; it is necessary to mitigate it to the fullness of women themselves, new generations, peoples and humanity.


Retelling History


Documentary | Color | 03’41 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Amanda Pó | Screenplay: Amanda Pó | Production: Amanda Pó |Editing: Amanda Pó

Synopsis: Who wrote the History?


Documentary | Color | 15 ‘ | 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Beatriz Vieirah | Executive Producer: Daniela Fernandes | Screenplay: Beatriz Vieirah | Cinematography: Heloisa França | Production Director: Mateus Souza e Silva | Editing: Poliana Costa | Color Correction: Tache de Souza | Sound: Gabriela Palha, Tomaz Griva Viterbo de Oliveira and Ary Rosa Duarte | Sound Design: Maxsuel Fernandes | Cast: Eliane de Almeida, Rubens Rufino, Januário Garcia, Conceição Evaristo, Kabengele Munanga, Elizabeth Viana, Jane Thome, Jurema Batista, Rosália Lemos, Dulce Maria Pereira, Matheus Aleluia.

Synopsis: Lélia Gonzalez. Following in the footsteps of that name, I begin the quest for my ancestry and for portraying it. Professor and anthropologist, woman in front of her time, protagonist in the militancy with the Black Movement in the years 1970/1980, during which she toured several cities and countries – always affirming her identity and denouncing the myth of racial democracy. A symbol of resistance and the struggle for the rights of indigenous people, blacks and women. The affections of Lélia guide me through every walk.


Documentary  | Color | 15 ‘| 2017 | Chile

Directed by Jennifer Lara | Production: Mario Manríquez | Screenplay: Jennifer Lara | Cinematography: Mario Manríquez | Editing: Mario Manríquez

Synopsis: The anguish and darkness that is breathed in the ex-maternity hospital Barros Luco Trudeau through its old structure, its infinite corridors that fill the void of hidden and repressed space. Its striped walls keep secrets, daily burdened with the absence and the illusion of hundreds of women who seek the light that they never saw shine.


Documentary | Color | 12’13 “| 2016 |

Directed by Graciela Guarani | Production: Collective | Screenplay: Graciela Guarani | Assistant Director: Clemerson Batista | Cinematography: Diana Davilã | Editing: Alexandre Pankararu | Sound: Crislan Benites and Jade Reginaldo | Original Soundtrack: Kaiowá Song

Synopsis: Mba’eicha Nhande Rekova’erã, which in Portuguese, means Messenger of the Future, makes a brief cut of some pertinent and urgent issues in one of the most populous indigenous reservations of the country, traversing the narratives and wise expectations of the Nhanderu, Nhandesy and about their realities.


Documentary | Color | 25’45 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Tila Chitunda | Executive Production: Tila Chitunda and Stella Zimmermann | Screenplay: Tila Chitunda and Amandine Goisbault | Production: Laura Lins | Cinematography: Tila Chitunda | Editing: Amandine Goisbault | Sound Editing and Mixing: Catarina Apolônio | Color Correction: Tiago Campos | Narration: Umbundo Madalena Cassinda Wilson

Synopsis: In 1975, Angola’s declaration of independence began a long Civil War that killed and expelled many Angolans from their home lands. 40 years later, Alice, the only Brazilian born daughter of an Angolan family who found refuge in Brazil, decides to go to Angola for the first time to look for the stories that motivated her parents to baptize her with that name.


Documentary | Color | 19’53 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Natasha Rodrigues | Production: Eduardo Oliveira | Screenplay: Natasha Rodrigues  | Cinematography: Bruno Costa | Production Design: Hugo Mariano | Sound: Eddy Andrade | Original Soundtrack: Diogo Nazareth | Sound Editing: Eddy Andrade | Montage: Kellen Corrêa | Editing: Kellen Corrêa | Cast: O’Rosa Rodrigues

Synopsis: The short film Talking Heads portrays the experience of young black students in a public university. In a mixture of fictional situations with interviews, the documentary represents a form of social inadequacy that appears to be subtle externally, but which explodes internally in the heads of these subjects. In a sensitive way, the film brings a heavy conflict between voices of prejudice and stigmatization and the desire to occupy university space.




Fiction | Color | 20 ‘| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Ayla de Oliveira | Executive Production: Marco Bonachela | Screenplay: Ayla de Oliveira | Co-writer: Hugos Barros | Production Director: Maria Caminha | Production: Rose Lima | Cinematography: Roberto Iuri | Sound: Nicolas Hallet | Production Design: Joana Liberal | Costume Designer: Maria Barbalho | Cast: Marília de Araújo, Fernando Fernandez, Roger de Renor & André Alencar

Synopsis: “What mechanisms do you use to materialize what is hidden in the mind?” The myth of the Hairy Leg haunted and fueled the imagination of the Pernambuco population in the 1970s. Much was said and created about the legend that a Hairy Leg that chased and attacked people in the middle of the street. 49 years later, the story gains fantastic airs. The going to the fortress of the police station is the mechanism of the Woman who calls herself victim of the Leg. The strangeness caused by the testimony generates a tension of questions and persuasion between the Woman and the Marshall. In an attempt to make herself heard, she goes to materializing the occult.


Fiction | Color | 11 “45” | 2018 |

Directed by Mariana Jaspe | Executive Production: Marco Pigossi and Ricardo Gomes | Screenplay: Mariana Jaspe | Production: Luma Lua, Rafael Oliveira, Ana Clara Veiga and Gabriel Santos | Cinematography: Sid Dore | Montage: Mariana Jaspe and Ricardo Gomes | Sound Design: Igor Cavalcante | Sound: Leonardo Kraus and Gabriela Damasceno | Make-up Artist: Alma Negrot | Cast: Danilo Ferreira, Jeniffer Dias and Mayara Kelly Mendonça

Synopsis: On a summer night, a young black couple has an intense and heated discussion in the pool. When one of them enters the house, the other is surprised by Àmân, a mysterious figure with a voracious appetite.


Experimental | Color | 16 ‘| 2016 |

Directed by Clarissa Campolina | Production: Luana Melgaço | Screenplay: Clarissa Campolina | Production Management: Carolina Gontijo | Cinematography: Ivo Lopes Araújo | Editing: Luiz Pretti | Sound Design and Original Music: The Grivo | Production Design: Luiz Roque and Thais de Campos | Performance and Choreography: Tana Guimarães

Synopsis: Solon is a tale about the emergence of the world, brought from the encounter of a devastated landscape and a mysterious creature. Solon inhabits this extremely arid and infertile space. Slowly, the creature begins a task of putting out the fire that dominates the environment. Water spurting from its body makes the fire disappear. The water becomes a nascent that flows from the ferrous soil. The landscape changes and the creature as well.


Fiction | Color | 18’43 “| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Bárbara Cabeça | Executive Production: Renata Cavalcante | Screenplay: Bárbara Cabeça, Irene Bandeira, Paulo Victor Soares and Petrus de Bairros | Production: Polly Di | Cinematography: Irene Bandeira | Editing: Petrus de Bairros | Sound: Elena Meirelles and Petrus de Bairros | Sound Design and Mixing: Vivi Rocha | Original Soundtrack: Heloíse Sá | Color Correction: Leandro Felgueiras | Cast: Bianca Gois, Dhiovana Barroso Dhiôw, Fernanda Brasileiro, Heloíse Sá, Mariana Nascimento, Tatiana Valente and Tayana Tavares

Synopsis: They seek out the wild and urban feminine forces in a male oppressive landscape – the streets.


Exist, occupy


Documentary | Color | 20’05 “| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Anna Andrade | Executive Production: Daniela Azevedo | Screenplay: Anna Andrade | Production: Caio Sales, Laura Martinez | Cinematography and Color Correction: Adalberto Oliveira | Editing: Caio Sales | Sound: Lucas Caminha | Additional Sound: Catharine Pimentel | Sound Design and Mixing: Lucas Caminha, Nicolau Domingues | Original Soundtrack: Hugo Coutinho, Iezu Kaeru | Poetry and Narration: Gabrielle Vitória (Luna Vitrolira) | Cast: Ginha, Rita, Sandra.Synopsis: On the mud, women share their ties and experiences with the tide, fishing, and the Ilha de Deus.


Documentary | Color | 14’25” | 2017 |Brazil

Directed by Fabiana Assis | Production: Fabiana Assis | Screenplay: Fabiana Assis | Assistant Director: Laura Hasse | Cinematography: Leonardo Feliciano | Sound: Guile Martins and Fabiana Assis | Editing: Rafael de Almeida | Assistant editor: Marcos Bruno | Cast: Eronilde Nascimento

Synopsis: In Goiânia, in the neighborhood Real Conquista, a woman, marked by a strong past of violence, fights for better conditions of life.


Documentary | Color | 20’26” | 2015 |Brazil

Directed by Olinda Muniz Wanderley | Screenplay: Olinda Muniz Wanderley | Cinematography: Olinda Muniz Wanderley, Samuel Wanderley | Editing: Olinda Muniz Wanderley, Davi Rocha | Cinematography: Olinda Muniz Wanderley, Samuel Wanderley and David Rocha | Sound: Samuel Wanderley | Original Soundtrack: Watô Akwe- Arandu Arakuaa | Cast: Nailton Pataxó, Maria Muniz, Crispina Santos, Wilson Jesus, Haroldo Heleno, Manezinho Muniz, Maria Rosário, Luis Alberto.

Synopsis: The documentary describes the story of the chief Nailton Pataxó as a leader, and his struggle to reconquer the territory of the Pataxó Hã-hã-hãe people. Through the narrative of the characters that tell the story of this indigenous leader, the spectator is taken by the history of the Pataxó Hãhãhãe people and their struggle, emphasizing the events that occurred from 1982 to the present.


Documentary | Color | 14’33 “| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Clara Chroma | Editing: Clara Chroma | Cinematography: Clara Chroma | Orignal Soundtrack: Clara Chroma

Synopsis: Every year, in the month of December, the population of Pindamonhangaba – SP fills the streets of downtown, to the joy of some and the misery of others.


Every part of my body belong to me


Experimental | Color | 11’18 ” | 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Érica Sarmet | Production: Érica Sarmet and Silvia Sobral | Screenplay: Érica Sarmet | Cinematography: Talita Arruda | Editing: Calí dos Anjos | Production Design: Felipe Abdal and Fernanda Bigaton | Sound: Alexandre Kubrusly, and Pedro Félix | Editing and Sound Mixing: José Ramón Diáz Benítez | Color Correction: Pedro Capello | Visual Identity: Gueko Hiller, Estevão Garcia, Guilherme Marcondes, Raphi Soifer, Carolla Ramos, Raissa Vitral, Patricia Bárbara, Flora Lucas, Igor Dornelles, Érica Sarmet, Gabriel Domingues, Lucas Pinheiro, Felipe Abdala, Maria Isabel Lamim, Amanda Meirinho, Nathalia Gonçales

Synopsis: “The body is not a materiality identical to itself or merely phatic; is a materiality that carries meaning, if nothing else, and the way it carries it is fundamentally dramatic. By dramatic I mean that the body is not only matter, but a continuous and incessant materialization of possibilities “


Animation | Color | 5’41 “| 2017 | Taiwan

Directed by LIN, Chih-Yu | Production: LIN, Chih-Yu | Script: LIN, Chih-Yu | Animation Assistant: Yung Chien Lee | Art Assistant: Yu-Pu Pon | Original Soundtrack: Chih-Lin Chen | Sound Design and Mixing: Jennifer Zheng | Assistant Administration: Chia-Yu Chiang and Eten Chang

Synopsis: Ms. Belly was waiting in the clinic, then accidentally saw the operation of the transformation. The girls were in a coma in the factory and forced cutting limbs, face, liposuction. Ms. Belly is frightened and escaped, fleeing into a mysterious world, began a fantastic journey.


Fiction | Color |  3’40 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins | Production: Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins | Screenplay: Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins | Cast: Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins

Synopsis: Everyone has something to say about my armpit. What a bore!


Animation | Color | 4’59 ‘| 2017 |

Directed by Ana Čigon | Production: Ana Čigon | Screenplay: Ana Čigon | Sound Design: Vasja Progar | Original Music: Vasja Progar | Voices: Ana Čigon

Synopsis: A cat walks into the Office of the Ministry for Cat Affairs and requests for a passport. All goes pretty well until the female and male cat clerks demand to know the cat’s sex.


Experimental | Color | 9’28 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Kalor Pacheco | Production: Kalor Pacheco | Screenplay: Kalor Pacheco | Performance: Kalor Pacheco | Cinematography: Kalor Pacheco and Hirosuke Kitamura | Editiing: Bia Rodrigues, Elisa Zi and Kalor Pacheco

Synopsis: Choking with the most diverse masculine sexual harassment, many of them virtual, Kalor, black woman of the periphery, decides that she will not swallow them anymore. Sexist words and attitudes run like sperm in this first video performance of the trans media series #TECNOLOGIAASERVICODAORGIA.


Fiction | Color | 17 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Clarissa Ribeiro | Cinematography: Clarissa Ribeiro | Editing: Clarissa Ribeiro | Animation: Stephany Trinity and Isa Raposo | Additional Images: Ige Martins | Cast: Banshee, Gilda Boka Dekaralla, Linda Demorrir, Milena Cinismo, Ige Martins, Paulet Lunatica Llindacelva, Perlla Rannielly, Rafael Soares, Aline Fluorr, Padmé

Synopsis: Recife, 2054. In the underworld, sex dissidents, bandits rogues, transvestites, horny lesbians and all marginalized bodies devise a plan to destroy the heterosexual cis normativity.


Dancing the Revolution


Fiction | Color | 19’19″| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Dani Nigri | Production: Diana Cavalcanti | Cinematography: Miguel Lindenberg | Screenplay: Ralph Acampora | Editing: Lucas Andrade | Production Design and Costume Design: Lorena Pazzanese | Drawings: Pedro Paulo Rodrigues | Animation: Leticia Leão | Sound: Amanda Moraes, Rodrigo Sacic, Renan Sales, Thiago DiDeus | Cast: Clarice Sauma, Eli Carmo, Afonso Celso, Ana Flávia Chrispiniano

Synopsis: Julia is new to town. Everything that comes from outside crosses her in drawings. Becomes her own dash.


Documentary | Color | 25’20″| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Éthel Oliveira | Cinematography: Érika Villeroy, Éthel Oliveira, Gabrielle de Souza and Rafael Mazza | Screenplay: Éthel Oliveira | Editing: Elena Meirelles | Design: Ilana Paterman Brasil | Cast: Andrey Chagas, Christina Aguiar, Danny Santos, Evelym Gutierrez, Indianara Siqueira, Juliana Providência, Lidi Oliveira, Lorena Braga, Luiza Alves, Kaique Theodoro, Leoni Albuquerque, Livinha, Luciana Vasconcellos, Martinha do Coco, Naomi Savage, Renatinha, Rosangela Braga, Tainá Gamelheiro, Tertuliana Lustosa, Aunt Angelica, Wescla Vasconcelos, Yasmin Falcão.

Synopsis: Through the manufacture of clothes that go beyond the genre, affections plots are built between the Baixada Fluminense and Lapa.


Documentary | Color | 14’09 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Érica Sansil | Production: Érica Sansil and Isabela Silveira | Screenplay: Érica Sansil | Cinematography: Caíque Guimarães | Sound: Carolina Andrade | Editing: Érica Sansil and Tayná Pacheco | Sound Editing: Érica Sansil | Sound Design and Mixing: Fábio Carneiro Leão

Synopsis: Three women travel through the city to get to their place of work, on their return home they just want to enjoy a night at the funk dance. But they are faced with intolerant testimony.




Documentary | Color | 15’49 “| 2017 | Syria

Directed by Maya Shurbaji | Production: Maya Shurbaji | Screenplay: Maya Shurbaji | Cinematography: Maya Shurbaji |Editing: Ayman Nahle | Sound Design: Ziad Moukarzel

Synopsis: As goals fade and it becomes clear that no action really matters, meaning fades, too. At that moment, desire fades, movement fades, and the body follows suit. Heaviness replaces lightness, the soul is fraught with anxiety, and the body wants to break free from this burden.

The suspension of action, the fading of meaning, and the futile search for the source of such heaviness triggers anxiety that invades both my body and mind. It drives me to search for my tragedy but I do not find it, for it is not tangible. I cannot resist/cope with/mourn a tragedy that I do not see. I search for it in memory, among clear and faded pictures, in Damascus and Beirut, in the shadows of my close friend Louay’s stories, between my prisons and his own. I finally find it in my body. But as soon as it is severed, I begin searching for it all over again.  


Fiction | Color | 14’43 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Laís Melo | Production: Caio Baú, Jandir Santin, Laís Melo and Isabele Orengo | Screenplay: Laís Melo | Production Management: Isabele Orengo | Cinematography: Renata Corrêa | Production Design: Bea Gerolin | Editing: Laís Melo | Color Correction: João Marcelo Gomes and Renata Corrêa | Postproduction: Eyder Almaguer | Sound: Débora Opolski | Sound Design: Débora Opolski | Cast: Patricia Saravy, Richard Rebelo, Carlos Henrique Hique Veiga and Janine Mathias

Synopsis: After another night of grief, Gloria decides to change the course of her life.


Animation | Color | 8’49 “| 2016 | France

Directed by Stéphanie Cadoret | Production: Martine Vidalenc and Emmanuel Quillet | Screenplay: Stéphanie Cadoret | Animation: Xavier Dujardin, Olivia Faliph and Stéphanie Cadoret | Original Music: Stéphane Clor and Marie-Anne Bacquel.

Synopsis: A young woman comes back home. She gets undressed, puts on her swimsuit, and sinks into the underwater depths of her apartment. Overcomed by a baroque aquatic flora, her home has become the ecosystem of her spouse: an octopus. Until the following morning, she complies with this hostile, wet and suffocating environment that is now her everyday life with her man (octopus).


Fiction | Color | 19 ‘| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Grazie Pacheco | Production: Laura Calasans | Screenplay: Grazie Pacheco | Cinematography: Beto Eiras | Sound: Renan Vasconcelos | Editing: Frederico Moreira | Cast: Grazie Pacheco, Raquel Barcha, Jaqueline Cruz, Frederico Moreira, Mônica Moretti, Renan Vasconcelos, Beto Eiras and Juliana Capucho

Synopsis: Feminine noun; 1. cloth or clothing with which the corpse of a person is buried.


Fiction | Color | 13 ‘ | 2017 | Canada

Directed by Giovana Olmos | Cinematography: Vjosa Shkurti | Production: Giovana Olmos | Production Design: Stephanie Burbano & Christophe Chamberland | Production Management: Olivier Perrier | Editing: Pablo Pugliese | Sound Design: Dave Duong, Henri Pardo, Patricia Dorval, Sullivan Ouedraogo, Philippe Thérien and Maxime Olivier Potvin

Synopsis: Noa struggles to honor the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family. Grief and fantasy entwine to reveal the complex relationship between history and erasure, identity and memory.


Call me by my name


Documentary | Color | 7’23 ” | 2017 | France

Directed by Serena Porcher-Carli | Production: ENS Louis-Lumière | Screenplay: Serena Porcher-Carli | Sound: Claire Berriet and Margot Saada

Synopsis: Serena is drawing the portrait of Enzo. In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, he tells us his story, this life is extraordinary, because it is a life of a Female-To-Man (FTM) transgender.  This photography project does not deal with the issue of nudity. No nudity, no sign of trans-identity is highlighted. Pictures just show a man in his daily life, a life that can even be a little bit boring within the framework of a vernacular photography. The spectator is immersed into the small flat of Enzo. Pictures take into account every detail of human life; they are likely to embody the personality and universe of Enzo. The purpose here is to emphasize a common lifestyle, far from the clichés or the established irrational prejudices of transidentity. Transidentity is in fact one identity among many, and it deserves to be treated without particularism in photography.


Documentary | Color | 14’48 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Ana Carolina Marinho | Codirector: João Júnior | Screenplay: Ana Carolina Marinho, João Júnior and Juão Nyn | Production: Ana Carolina Marinho | Production: Amanda Bortolo | Cinematography: Cristiano Burlan and Renato Maia | Second assistant director: Emily Hozokawa | Set Production: Amanda Bortolo | Editing: Ana Carolina Marinho | Sound: Valney Damacena | Cast: Janaína Lima da Silva

Synopsis: It was from the hunger for freedom that Janaina fled from Vitória de Santo Antão, in Pernambuco, to São Paulo. She, who was a mother before she was a woman, had to migrate to transform her prisons into a party. A victim of 18 years of domestic violence, she has nurtured within herself the dream of feeling the taste of freedom, a loose smile and autonomy.


Fiction | Color | 15’31 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Catarina Almeida | Production Management: Daniela Chrispim | Screenplay: Catarina Almeida | Cinematography: Ricardo Alexandria | Production Design: Helena Cunha | Sound: Wallace Novoa | Editing: Catarina Almeida, Caio Alvarenga and Wallace Novoa | Mixing: Ricardo Bento | Sound Editing: Ricardo Bento and Wallace Novoa | Cast: Kika Farias, Mano Melo, Diego Diener, Ludmila Dangelis, Marcione Pará, Heitor Nóbrega, Ana Luz and Lino Besser.

Synopsis: Maria Adelaide, a Northeastern retreatress, discovers in the big city of Rio de Janeiro an identity that remained hidden.


Fiction | Color | 21 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Julia Leite | Production: Amanda Pó | Cinematography: Pedro Andreetta | Production Design: Beatriz Barbosa | Sound Department: Gian Lucca du Mont | Editing: Arthur Paulino | Cast: Clara Gallo, Gilda Nomacce, Shaya Lambert Bihari

Synopsis: In the days before her birthday, Marina receives a visit from her mother.


Bodies of Land and Sea


Documentary | Color | 24’01 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Julia Mariano | Production: Bernardo Vaz | Screenplay: Julia Mariano | Cinematography: Léo Nabuco | Sound: Camila Machado | Sound Editing: Camila Machado | Editing: Julia Bernstein | Cast: Júlia do Rosário da Silva de Farias, Maria das Graças Silva Oliveira, Nelli Stellet, Marilza Campos das Neves Cruz, Luiza Maria da Silva.

Synopsis: “Heart & Soul” portrays a group of landless women who struggle daily for survival and basic rights, discovering themselves as women, as activists and as individuals. The symbiotic and daily relationship with the land causes them to define the kind of approach to their latent issues and to seek solutions in nature. The demand for dignity, longevity and belonging shows us the ancestry of healing by the feminine, which for generations has healed the physical and emotional structures of our society.


Documentary | Color | 21’30” | 2018 | Brazil

Directed by  Amaranta Cesar| Production: Elen Linth | Cinematography: Danilo Scaldaferri  | Editing: Danilo Scaldaferri | Screenplay: Amaranta Cesar | Sound: Marina Mapurunga | Cast:  Érica Batista, Clarice Santos, Patrícia Santos, Suelen Oliveira

Synopsis: In a quilombo of Bahia, three generations of women are divided between the impulse to leave and the will to stay, the uncertainty of the future and the strength of ancestry.


Documentary | Color | 20’ | 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Valdelice Veron (Xamiri Nhupoty) and Rodrigo Arajeju | Production: Isadora Stepanski and Rodrigo Arajeju | Screenplay: Valdelice Veron and Rodrigo Arajeju | Cinematography: Alan Schvarsberg | Sound: Camila Machado | Production Design: Valdelice Veron | Costume Designer: Tekoha Takuara Women | Production Coordination: Isadora Stepanski (DF) and Rodrigo Arajeju (MS) | Editing: Sergio Azevedo | Sound Design and Mixing: Maurício Fonteles and Marco Rezende | Original Soundtrack: Magda Pucci | Cast:  Arami Veron, Carmen Cavalheiro, Júlia Veron, Valdelice Veron and Kaiowa People of Tekoha Takuara.

Synopsis: Our mothers lead the retaking of Tekoha Takuara by our way of being and living – nhande reko. Agribusiness advances over indigenous land bodies in Mato Grosso do Sul. The struggle to recover the sacred land, the essence of life in our worldview. Mourning for the genocide Kaiowa and Guarani in Brazil.


Experimental | Colorful | 9’02 “| 2017 |

Directed by Lia Letícia | Production: Lia Leticia and Loraine Oliveira | Screenplay: Lia Leticia and Loraine Oliveira | Cinematography and Postproduction: Adalberto Oliveira | Production Design: Loraine Oliveira | Sound Editing: Claudio N | Original Soundtrack: Ruth Steyer | Cast: Cíntia Lima and Karina Ártemis Aphrodite

Synopsis: A meeting between intangible beings, sometimes visible. In the meeting between land and sea.