FICINE’s Program

Curated by Janaína Oliveira (Fórum Itinerante de Cinema Negro)


Experimental | Colorful | 74 ‘| 2016 | USA – France – Rwanda

Directed by: Anisia Uzeyman | Executive Producer: Maripol, Annie Maurette, Dave   Guenette, Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman, Maï Lucas, Neptune Frost | Screenplay: Anisia Uzeyman | Editing: Jean Marie Lengellé | Sound Design: Blake Leyh | Original Music: Saul Williams

Synopsis: Equal parts love story, road movie, and Americana, DREAMSTATES tells the haunting tale of two wayward souls (Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman) discovering their love for one another in their dreams and reality while touring the United States with some of the most pivotal figures of the Afro-Punk movement – Sultry, sensual, and quixotic, an underground portrait of America: haunted and hollow.


Experimental | Colorful | 11 ‘| 2015 | USA

Directed by: Cauleen Smith

Synopsis H-E-L-L-O translates the famous musical sequence from Stephen Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind into a greeting for sites around New Orleans loaded with the histories of music and procession.


Experimental | Colorful | 8 ‘| 2017 | USA

Directed by:: Cauleen Smith | Cinematographer: Arthur Jafa and Cauleen Smith

Synopsis: Personal pilgrimages to three sites of extreme creativity, invention, and generosity: Alice Coltrane’s Ashram, Watts Towers, and Watervliet Shaker Community


Experimental | Colorful | 9 ‘| 2017 | USA

Directed by:  Cauleen Smith

Synopsis: Three monologues adapted from the groundbreaking book, Black Women in White America, edited by Gerda Lerner.


Experimental | 14 ‘| 2017 | Canada – United States – France

Directed by: Cauleen Smith, Jérôme Havre and Camille Turner

Synopsis:Mythical forms embodied in puppetry and cinematic spectacle.