Film Club Circuit

FINCAR – International Women Filmmakers Festival is in its second edition and in order to decentralize the film screenings, it has signed a partnership with the Pernambuco Federation of Film Clubs – FEPEC. The festival team understands cinema as a space for artistic and political resistance, and this partnership is also a way of valuing the work of the various film clubs around the country.


The festival had the screening of its selected films at Cinema São Luiz, Cinema da Fundação (Derby) and Cine Teatro Bianor Mendonça Monteiro between August 14 and 19, 2018. In all, FINCAR received about 1400 entries, selecting more than 70 films of different nationalities. Check below the films that make up the FINCAR-FEPEC Film Club Circuit (all included by the filmmakers themselves at the moment of registration).


The application form for interested film clubs  will be open until September 30, 2018. The exhibition period will be the months of September, October, November and December of the same year. The participating clubs will sign a commitment to meet the deadline for the screenings and the submission of reports. The screening reports should be completed via Google Form (last item on this page) and the photos sent by e-mail to fincar.comunicacao@gmail.com. After registering on the form, film clubs can access the movies via download on Dropbox.

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Report – 2nd FINCAR-FEPEC Film Club Circuit:


Feature Film’s


Documentary | Color | 72’| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Maria Carolina and Igor Souza | Cinematography: Gabriel Teixeira | Camera: Maria Carolina, Igor Souza, Gabriel Teixeira, João Tatu | Sound: Ana Luiza Penna e Juan Penna | Production and Assistant Director: Erika Saldanha | Original Music: João Milet Meirelles | Editing: Iris de Oliveira

Synopsis: Attending adult literacy classrooms in outlying schools and in the Salvador (BR) women’s prison, the documentary Daily Class finds the stories of three women, a maid, a transgendered girl, and a drug trafficker incarcerated, who seek to survive in a system that insists on erasing their lives.


Short Film’s


Experimental | Color | 16 ‘| 2016 | Brazil

Directed by Clarissa Campolina | Production: Luana Melgaço | Screenplay: Clarissa Campolina | Production Management: Carolina Gontijo | Cinematography: Ivo Lopes Araújo | Editing: Luiz Pretti | Sound Design and Original Music: The Grivo | Production Design: Luiz Roque and Thais de Campos | Performance and Choreography: Tana Guimarães

Synopsis: Solon is a tale about the emergence of the world, brought from the encounter of a devastated landscape and a mysterious creature. Solon inhabits this extremely arid and infertile space. Slowly, the creature begins a task of putting out the fire that dominates the environment. Water spurting from its body makes the fire disappear. The water becomes a nascent that flows from the ferrous soil. The landscape changes and the creature as well.



Fiction | Color | 18’43 “| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Bárbara Cabeça | Executive Production: Renata Cavalcante | Screenplay: Bárbara Cabeça, Irene Bandeira, Paulo Victor Soares and Petrus de Bairros | Production: Polly Di | Cinematography: Irene Bandeira | Editing: Petrus de Bairros | Sound: Elena Meirelles and Petrus de Bairros | Sound Design and Mixing: Vivi Rocha | Original Soundtrack: Heloíse Sá | Color Correction: Leandro Felgueiras | Cast: Bianca Gois, Dhiovana Barroso Dhiôw, Fernanda Brasileiro, Heloíse Sá, Mariana Nascimento, Tatiana Valente and Tayana Tavares

Synopsis: They seek out the wild and urban feminine forces in a male oppressive landscape – the streets.



Documentary | Color | 20’05 “| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Anna Andrade | Executive Production: Daniela Azevedo | Screenplay: Anna Andrade | Production: Caio Sales, Laura Martinez | Cinematography and Color Correction: Adalberto Oliveira | Editing: Caio Sales | Sound: Lucas Caminha | Additional Sound: Catharine Pimentel | Sound Design and Mixing: Lucas Caminha, Nicolau Domingues | Original Soundtrack: Hugo Coutinho, Iezu Kaeru | Poetry and Narration: Gabrielle Vitória (Luna Vitrolira) | Cast: Ginha, Rita, Sandra.Synopsis: On the mud, women share their ties and experiences with the tide, fishing, and the Ilha de Deus.



Documentary | Color | 14’25” | 2017 |Brazil

Directed by Fabiana Assis | Production: Fabiana Assis | Screenplay: Fabiana Assis | Assistant Director: Laura Hasse | Cinematography: Leonardo Feliciano | Sound: Guile Martins and Fabiana Assis | Editing: Rafael de Almeida | Assistant editor: Marcos Bruno | Cast: Eronilde Nascimento

Synopsis: In Goiânia, in the neighborhood Real Conquista, a woman, marked by a strong past of violence, fights for better conditions of life.



Fiction | Color |  3’40 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins | Production: Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins | Screenplay: Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins | Cast: Maria Eduarda Menezes and Fefa Lins

Synopsis: Everyone has something to say about my armpit. What a bore!



Animation | Color | 4’59 ‘| 2017 | Russia

Directed by Ana Čigon | Production: Ana Čigon | Screenplay: Ana Čigon | Sound Design: Vasja Progar | Original Music: Vasja Progar | Voices: Ana Čigon

Synopsis: A cat walks into the Office of the Ministry for Cat Affairs and requests for a passport. All goes pretty well until the female and male cat clerks demand to know the cat’s sex.



Animation | Color | 8’49 “| 2016 | France

Directed by Stéphanie Cadoret | Production: Martine Vidalenc and Emmanuel Quillet | Screenplay: Stéphanie Cadoret | Animation: Xavier Dujardin, Olivia Faliph and Stéphanie Cadoret | Original Music: Stéphane Clor and Marie-Anne Bacquel.

Synopsis: A young woman comes back home. She gets undressed, puts on her swimsuit, and sinks into the underwater depths of her apartment. Overcomed by a baroque aquatic flora, her home has become the ecosystem of her spouse: an octopus. Until the following morning, she complies with this hostile, wet and suffocating environment that is now her everyday life with her man (octopus).


Fiction | Color | 19 ‘| 2018 | Brazil

Directed by Grazie Pacheco | Production: Laura Calasans | Screenplay: Grazie Pacheco | Cinematography: Beto Eiras | Sound: Renan Vasconcelos | Editing: Frederico Moreira | Cast: Grazie Pacheco, Raquel Barcha, Jaqueline Cruz, Frederico Moreira, Mônica Moretti, Renan Vasconcelos, Beto Eiras and Juliana Capucho

Synopsis: Feminine noun; 1. cloth or clothing with which the corpse of a person is buried.



Fiction | Color | 13 ‘ | 2017 | Canada

Directed by Giovana Olmos | Cinematography: Vjosa Shkurti | Production: Giovana Olmos | Production Design: Stephanie Burbano & Christophe Chamberland | Production Management: Olivier Perrier | Editing: Pablo Pugliese | Sound Design: Dave Duong, Henri Pardo, Patricia Dorval, Sullivan Ouedraogo, Philippe Thérien and Maxime Olivier Potvin

Synopsis: Noa struggles to honor the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family. Grief and fantasy entwine to reveal the complex relationship between history and erasure, identity and memory.



Documentary | Color | 7’23 ” | 2017 | France

Directed by Serena Porcher-Carli | Production: ENS Louis-Lumière | Screenplay: Serena Porcher-Carli | Sound: Claire Berriet and Margot Saada

Synopsis: Serena is drawing the portrait of Enzo. In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, he tells us his story, this life is extraordinary, because it is a life of a Female-To-Man (FTM) transgender.  This photography project does not deal with the issue of nudity. No nudity, no sign of trans-identity is highlighted. Pictures just show a man in his daily life, a life that can even be a little bit boring within the framework of a vernacular photography. The spectator is immersed into the small flat of Enzo. Pictures take into account every detail of human life; they are likely to embody the personality and universe of Enzo. The purpose here is to emphasize a common lifestyle, far from the clichés or the established irrational prejudices of transidentity. Transidentity is in fact one identity among many, and it deserves to be treated without particularism in photography.



Documentary | Color | 14’48 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Ana Carolina Marinho | Codirector: João Júnior | Screenplay: Ana Carolina Marinho, João Júnior and Juão Nyn | Production: Ana Carolina Marinho | Production: Amanda Bortolo | Cinematography: Cristiano Burlan and Renato Maia | Second assistant director: Emily Hozokawa | Set Production: Amanda Bortolo | Editing: Ana Carolina Marinho | Sound: Valney Damacena | Cast: Janaína Lima da Silva

Synopsis: It was from the hunger for freedom that Janaina fled from Vitória de Santo Antão, in Pernambuco, to São Paulo. She, who was a mother before she was a woman, had to migrate to transform her prisons into a party. A victim of 18 years of domestic violence, she has nurtured within herself the dream of feeling the taste of freedom, a loose smile and autonomy.



Documentary | Color | 24’01 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Julia Mariano | Production: Bernardo Vaz | Screenplay: Julia Mariano | Cinematography: Léo Nabuco | Sound: Camila Machado | Sound Editing: Camila Machado | Editing: Julia Bernstein | Cast: Júlia do Rosário da Silva de Farias, Maria das Graças Silva Oliveira, Nelli Stellet, Marilza Campos das Neves Cruz, Luiza Maria da Silva.

Synopsis: “Heart & Soul” portrays a group of landless women who struggle daily for survival and basic rights, discovering themselves as women, as activists and as individuals. The symbiotic and daily relationship with the land causes them to define the kind of approach to their latent issues and to seek solutions in nature. The demand for dignity, longevity and belonging shows us the ancestry of healing by the feminine, which for generations has healed the physical and emotional structures of our society.



Experimental | Colorful | 9’02 “| 2017 |

Directed by Lia Letícia | Production: Lia Leticia and Loraine Oliveira | Screenplay: Lia Leticia and Loraine Oliveira | Cinematography and Postproduction: Adalberto Oliveira | Production Design: Loraine Oliveira | Sound Editing: Claudio N | Original Soundtrack: Ruth Steyer | Cast: Cíntia Lima and Karina Ártemis Aphrodite

Synopsis: A meeting between intangible beings, sometimes visible. In the meeting between land and sea.

Children’s Program


Animation | Color | 3 ‘| 2017 | China

Directed by Liu Jiayi | Production: Shi Zhuqing | Screenplay: Liu Jiayi

Synopsis: This film uses digital technology to simulate the production techniques of traditional shadow puppets. Adopting the evolution of the creature of the earth and the development of the food chain as main storyline, it reveals that human greed undermines the natural balance. Ultimately, human being themselves will face the consequences.


Animation | Color | 9 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Chia Beloto | Production: Rui Mendonça | Photography: Mateus Simon | Editing: Zé Diniz | Art Direction: Chia Beloto | Animation: Mateus Simon | Original music: Erasto Vasconcelos | Cinematography: Marila Cantuária | Mixing: Johann Brehmer | Color Correction: Zé Diniz | Sound Design: Johann Brehmer | Voices: Erasto Vasconcelos | Animation Direction: Marila Cantuária

Synopsis: Erasto Vasconcelos is a poet of the perception of life and how it is used in our planet, echoes the pernambucaneity of what surrounds us, the day and night bugs, river fish, birds, bugs the mangrove, the trees and their fruits, what is planted to eat, the characters who sing to us and the “cantigas de roda”.



Animation | Color | 10 ‘| 2016 | Russia

Directed by Svetlana Andrianova | Production: Gleb Davidov and Nikolay Makovsky | Screenplay: Svetlana Andrianova | Production Design: Anna Desnitskaya and Olga Usacheva | Cinematography: Igor Skidan-Bosin | Sound Design: Artem Fadeev

Synopsis: Klick and Tram, two city trams every morning leave their camp.