Children’s Program

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Fiction | Color | 15 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Gabriele Fernanda | Production: Bruna Abreu and Mike Araújo | Screenplay: Anderson Lopes and Gabriele Fernanda | Cinematography: Anderson Lopes | Editing: Anderson Lopes | Production design: Marianne de Lazari | Sound: Gabriel Pimentel and Juliana do Vale | Cast: Sophia de Paula, Taty Belline, Pietro Aquiles, Lais Souza, Emanuelle Lopes, JP Fraim, Thais Kuri

Synopsis: The day of taking the famous school photo is anxiously awaited by the fourth grade students “A”, but for Bia, a 10-year-old girl from a satellite city in Brasilia, that day is not so special. Bia begins to go through a painful process of self rejection and in order to be accepted she resorts to the smoothing of her hair, but Bia is about to discover her true beauty.


Animation | Color | 4 ‘ | 2018 | Iran

Directed by Ziba Arzhang | Editing: Benjamin Ghochagh | Sound Design: Ali Alidosti | Animation: Ziba Arzhang

Synopsis: The pregnant deer is thinking of saving the life of his child. The deer is a design on the carpet.


Animation | Color | 3 ‘| 2017 | China

Directed by Liu Jiayi | Production: Shi Zhuqing | Screenplay: Liu Jiayi

Synopsis: This film uses digital technology to simulate the production techniques of traditional shadow puppets. Adopting the evolution of the creature of the earth and the development of the food chain as main storyline, it reveals that human greed undermines the natural balance. Ultimately, human being themselves will face the consequences.


Animation | Color | 9 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Chia Beloto | Production: Rui Mendonça | Photography: Mateus Simon | Editing: Zé Diniz | Art Direction: Chia Beloto | Animation: Mateus Simon | Original music: Erasto Vasconcelos | Cinematography: Marila Cantuária | Mixing: Johann Brehmer | Color Correction: Zé Diniz | Sound Design: Johann Brehmer | Voices: Erasto Vasconcelos | Animation Direction: Marila Cantuária

Synopsis: Erasto Vasconcelos is a poet of the perception of life and how it is used in our planet, echoes the pernambucaneity of what surrounds us, the day and night bugs, river fish, birds, bugs the mangrove, the trees and their fruits, what is planted to eat, the characters who sing to us and the “cantigas de roda”.


Animation | Color | 5’27 “| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Julia Vellutini | Original music: Thiago Duar | Mixing and Sound Design: Pipa Music

Synopsis: Awa Poanpé is a short film in animation that emerges from a collaborative process with a group of young people from the Krukutu Indigenous Village in Parelheiros, São Paulo. The film tells the story of Werá, a curumim of the Krukutu village, who, by stealing the feather of an owl on the day of his rite of passage, is transformed into the monster of the great claws. He will then need to be able to return the feather to the owl to become a boy again.


Animation | Color | 3 ‘| 2017 | Brazil

Directed by Julia Vellutini | Production: Debora Ribeiro dos Santos | Screenplay: Julia Vellutini | Production Design: Wesley Rodrigues | Animation: Wesley Rodrigues | Sound: Eduardo Santos | Music: Ruriá Duprat

Synopsis: While waiting for a bus in the wilderness, three embroiderers play with their magical powers.


Animation | Color | 10 ‘| 2016 | Russia

Directed by Svetlana Andrianova | Production: Gleb Davidov and Nikolay Makovsky | Screenplay: Svetlana Andrianova | Production Design: Anna Desnitskaya and Olga Usacheva | Cinematography: Igor Skidan-Bosin | Sound Design: Artem Fadeev

Synopsis: Klick and Tram, two city trams every morning leave their camp.


Animation | Color | 9 ‘| 2016 | Hungary

Directed by Anna Katalin Lovrity | Production: József Fülöp | Screenplay: Anna Katalin Lovrity | Editing: Judit Czakó | Animation: Luca Tóth, Zoltán Koska, Dániel Bárány, Judit Erdélyi, Bori Mészáros, Krisztián Király, Lili Korcsok, Zsuzsanna Kreif, Milan Kopasz, Petra Marjai, Anna Tőkés, Maja Szakadát, Ágota Végső | Color Correction: Borbála Zétényi

Synopsis:  Somewhere on an oceanic island, the forces of nature are still at work as in primeval times. A young, naive female tiger lives there in harmony with herself and nature. When her awakening femininity is noticed by an older male tiger, the young tigress is getting more and more scared by his heated approach. But it is impossible to escape on the secluded island. The feelings of the young animal are reflected by the volcano island, and with the help of nature, she can finally act upon her own will.